Tips for Summer Travel

Are you planning to get away from the normal this summer? According to AAA, so is about 35% of Americans. With vacation season in its prime, businesses everywhere are hiking prices and fees in anticipation for a busy season. With this, here are 5 quick tips to save money on your summer travel.

  1. Strategically plan your travel – Most people take vacation while schools are out for the Summer. If you can, traveling during this time is ideal.
  2. Be Careful when you book – Is there a best time to book? Yes, in fact, if you book airfare on a weekend, you would save 19% on average. Although the reason for this is still a mystery, it can be assumed that they know you are not a corporate traveler, and thus, will look for the best deal.
  3. Stay somewhere new – If you already have a destination in mind, you should spend more time on figuring out where you will stay. Often times, cheaper and nicer options such as Air B&B’s and Hotels ‘off the beaten path’ go unnoticed. Finding a new place to stay can not only save you money, but can also open the trip to new adventure!
  4. Book early, save more $$$ – When booking travels, the sooner you book the better it feels on your wallet. On average, the best time to book travel is about two months before departure date. Already booked your trip this Summer? Get a head start on next Summer by setting price alerts on Google Flights or Hopper so you know when the price is best!
  5. Know your apps – In a day and age where you can find everything with the slide of your finger, it is crucial you have the right applications to get you the best bang for your buck. Some great apps are Dealray (for cheap flights), AutoSlash (for car rentals), and Roomer (for deeply discounted rooms). You can also Google Best Travel Apps, since apps are always changing!

Whether you are planning to travel the world or just traveling to the next city over, make sure you are getting the best deal possible by following the tips above! Already planned your summer trip(s) and realized you’re under budget? Reach out to your advisor today to see how you can invest your savings for the future!


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Tips for Summer Travel

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